Maranatha Aquaponics is a project that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in an organic system to raise fish and vegetables for our own use and for sale to the public. The National Lottery Development Trust Fund provided the capital to establish this project. This project not only benefits Maranatha, but also other community organisations who buy the produce directly from Maranatha and thus save money.


We receive donations from shops of the products that have passes the sell buy date. As one manager said the food is not bad it is just not on the quality they guarantee of their product. These donations are used in our feeding programmes after careful selection and screening. The waste products are taken to the piggery. The pigs are sold at to the market and bring in an income for Maranatha as well as providing in our meat requirements.

National Education Training Acedemy

Neta focusses on skills development with training programmes that provide the learner with employable skills as well as skills to start and run their own business. Training ia also done in the rural areas.